About Islands in Motion


Maybe it’s the feel of fine white sand surging between your toes.

Maybe it’s the sensory stir-fry of balmy purple and burnish-gold sunsets, blue waters; flirtatious breezes running gentle fingers through your hair or the tangy, spicy curry or jerk now tantalizing your taste buds. You want that island experience bad and you want it NOW.

Well, what can I tell you? You can have it. Islands in Motion is the solution that can satisfy that craving you have for a piece of island happiness you’ve been fantasizing about.

Hey, thanks for stopping by.

Our Corporate Goals, Values and Philosophy

The first thing we want you to know, because we are so proud to own it, is that we are a for-profit company on a social mission to build Caribbean families, communities, and economies. We aim to do this by empowering small business people and solopreneurs in the creative and other assorted industries with innovative digital tools that will help them grow their businesses. When we enter Caribbean markets, we put down roots. A brick and mortar presence help us establish that. And we connect. We only ever employ locals. Partnership with our host country is integral to our mission.

Quick Facts about Us

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here are a few more quick facts about Islands in Motion:

  • We are a privately-owned ecommerce company registered and based in Florida, USA.
  • We are a conglomerate -- scratch that -- merry bunch of soca/merengue/reggae/mambo-jiving digital businesses and non-profit divisions.
  • We connect buyers with original products and services from Caribbean-based sellers.
  • We’ve been around since 2014.
  • Our goal is to unite all the Caribbean islands using the Islands in Motion web network and launch 15 digital businesses under the Islands brand.
  • In less than 16 months, we are fast tracking this goal. We have three active shopping platforms and now operate in three countries.

Ready to meet the dream team behind Islands in Motion? Head this way.

Our Team

Although Saturday is the designated Soup Day in most Caribbean homes, soup can appear on the menu on any day of the week. Meat, dumplings, veggies, spices are all thrown into one pot.

The result?

A steaming bowl of flavorful, nourishing goodness that makes diners emit satisfying belches and go back for seconds.

It’s the same with us here at Islands in Motion. We are a hearty party with diverse roles, expertise and experience who share one driving passion: to see the Caribbean become one of the world’s leaders in economy and innovation.


We like to joke that we are merry band of misfits. We have the business and tech people.

Our founder is a medical doctor.

But you also find a nurse, mechanical engineer and teacher in the Islands in Motion team.

The team at all tiers of the company ladder represent a diverse skills pool culled from Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Art Merchandising, Customer Service, Business Development, Operations Management, Sales and Marketing, Communications, Content Creation.

Most have over ten years of experience in their individual fields;

Did you just think aloud, “You’ve covered all the bases?”

We heard you. And you’re so right. We’ve got you covered. You’re in good, no…, caring hands.

We’re working hard to make your shopping experience hassle free and perfect.

Please enjoy shopping with Islands in Motion.


Meet your Choose Happy Team

What sets Islands in Motion apart?

  • First, the island connection. Can you spell N-A-T-I-V-E? Yep, the roots, man. It’s in our genes. Everything about our brand is 100% Islands. Islands Arts. Islands Properties. Islands… Got It? Proud to represent.
  • The corporate philosophy. Caribbean upliftment is our moral obligation. Said that already, right? Supporting grassroots Caribbean people is the fabric and life blood of our corporate philosophy and it drives every venture we create. Islands-infused shopping experience. From bold, vivid sunset-stroked art canvasses to exotic vacation homes and beach side properties, trust us to deliver your original island-living dreams and spicy memories straight to your door. Just like you ordered it. Have a question? Our friendly chat agents are standing by to help.
  • We’re easy on the eyes (wink-wink). If you find another ecommerce platform as bee-oo-ti-ful as ours, you let us know and we’ll refund your money. Ok, I’m kidding about the refund part, but not the pretty part. And yes, we are easy on your wallet too. Check out our Islands Arts gallery to see what I mean. Many of our fine artwork prices start at $300 USD. Yep. We are certifiably crazy. We know.

That said; we know you didn’t come here to shop for charity. You came here to shop. We’ve got you. Before you go, check out our premium brands:

Looking for art? Browse through our beautiful art galleries at IslandsArts.com. Choose Happy. Get a Piece.

We make buying, selling & renting your piece of paradise a SWEET breeze at kayifi.com

Leverage your professional network at JobsOpp.com

It means everything to us that you chose to stop by. You are here because you march shop to your own drums (Steel, Congo, Rub-a-dub… you get to choose) and love the idea of connecting to the One Love, One Heart tribes. So, go on holding an Islands vibe, mon. Glad to have you.

Now, whip out that credit card and start shopping.

What are you waiting for?

Regretfully, we can’t fly you to the Caribbean. Not yet, anyways. But what if we could still indulge your craving with a shopping experience? Islands in Motion offers you the luxury and freedom to shop the Caribbean online for fine arts, properties, vacation rentals, and job opportunities. Check in frequently, because we’ve got additional products and services coming your way over the next 12 to 18 months.